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About Lynette

     I grew up in several states across the western part of the U.S., and moved to Massachusetts in 2001, where I met my husband. We bought a townhouse in the Bradford area of Haverhill in 2006, and in 2021, we moved our family into our current home in Ward 5. Our 4 kids previously attended Hill View Montessori Public Charter School, and now attend Silver Hill Elementary School, Consentino Middle School, and Haverhill High School. My husband works in law enforcement and serves in the National Guard, and I work as a Chiropractic Assistant at a small practice in North Andover. I am active in my church, and I enjoy spending time with my family, visiting museums, listening to true crime podcasts, and browsing antique stores.   




     I graduated from high school in Tucson, AZ and began working full time to support myself. I worked for a commercial airline for 6 years, in Tucson and then in Boston, where I learned a lot about the importance of good communication, safety and security, and the value of excellent people skills and common sense policies. I left my job to take classes at Bunker Hill Community College, and later attended Northern Essex Community College, where I graduated with High Honors from the Radiologic Technology Program. I then worked in the Radiology department at Lowell General Hospital for 2 years before leaving to be a stay-at-home mom. Eventually I returned to the workforce, and I've been in my current position as a Chiropractic Assistant for 6 years.

     I have been passionate and outspoken regarding the quality and condition of our education system since I became a mom. From preschool to high school classrooms, I have seen how teachers and students can function in both traditional and non-traditional environments. I have also seen how different learning styles and various teaching methods can either synergize successfully or fail miserably. I have chaperoned countless field trips, volunteered at numerous events, and made a point to be involved at every school my children have attended. I was on the Haverhill High School site council for the 2022-2023 school year, served on two separate interview committees for HHS staff positions, and I volunteer every Friday at the PTO-sponsored school store at Consentino Middle School. I love being a part of each school community, getting to know the staff, and doing whatever I can to make a difference for the kids who attend there.

     I have addressed the Haverhill School Committee to advocate for the children of our city on various issues, including the removal of the mask mandate in public schools, and to bring attention to the issue of inappropriate reading materials in elementary classrooms. As an elected member of the School Committee, I will continue to be an advocate for Haverhill kids and families, and to be a voice for parents and guardians who feel unheard or undervalued in their child's education.


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