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The Issues

     The Haverhill Public School system has seen its share of problems, and is currently dealing with many of the same issues plaguing schools across the country: higher truancy rates, lower academic achievement, understaffing and teacher burnout, along with countless numbers of students struggling with varying degrees of mental health issues, just to name a few. Some of this can be blamed on remote learning and pandemic related stress. However, much of it can be blamed on years of failed policies, lack of proper funding and resources, and curriculums which prioritize standardized tests over practical life skills. I look forward to working together with both the school committee and the community to resolve these issues, and give our kids the tools and support they need to be successful. 


Goals & Objectives


- Achieve fully staffed and well-maintained schools district wide, with sufficient resources to                provide students with the education they need

- Construct creative and reliable solutions for dealing with ongoing behavior issues and a range of    mental health challenges among the student population

- Enhance security measures to ensure the safety of all students, teachers, and staff 

- Adopt effective strategies to combat substance abuse and addiction among students who are          struggling

- Increase attendance rates

- Improve academic outcomes

- Foster a partnership of transparency and cooperation between the schools and parents/guardians


- Establish innovative programs to inspire and encourage students of all ages toward success

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